The Importance of balance in Pilates

Balance. Body. Mind

  1. Remain in conscious control of your breathing, keep the body relaxed
  2. Keep core connection throughout poses and exercises
  3. Focus on a point with your eyes. This gives you an anchor in relationship to your body
  4. Keep your mind focused on every adjustment needed, especially more demanding poses that require more strength.
  5. Don’t try too hard. Relax and trust your body.

Balancing poses are challenging because you must hold them whilst supporting your own body weight. Breathing. The body must be centred to stay balanced. Eyes. These act as anchors to determined where you are. Inner ear- Vestibular system. It tells the brain where the head is located in relationship to the rest of the body. Also, important to use the correct muscles and that the body does not fanout or use 1 set over another. This results in a Bad effect on both posture and balance.

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