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Yoga is a nice method to balance your mind and body, your work and life.

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Yoga help you to keep strong, happy and healthy in everyday activities

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Monthly at Yogi, we have workshop to keep learners active at study.

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Best trainer

I Love Yogi

  • I have Plantar Fasciitis in my feet and broke my ankle 6 months ago. I have been attending Carols classes since then. I feel much better and my feet and leg muscles are much stronger. The classes are friendly and informative with individual attention when needed.


  • As an older lady, I needed a beginners class where I could start with basic exercises and progress gently. Carol provides that in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She is very hands on and quick to spot if someone is doing an exercise incorrectly or has a problem which makes it difficult to execute.  She offers help and advice, I feel very safe and enjoy the classes immensely.


  • Pilates with Carol is fun, and I always feel better after the class. Carol gears all the exercises to suit our abilities. I have spinal issues, Carol takes great time and care to explain what I can and cannot achieve. Carol has great knowledge of how the body works and this is always explained to us before we start.


  • Carol encourages everyone in her classes to achieve their own personal best. What I especially enjoy, is that Carol works out a different exercise routine each week so that classes are fun as well as providing opportunities to progress. There is warm friendly atmosphere and all abilities are welcome.



  • I have been attending Carols classes for the last 3 years. She is an amazing instructor and very patient. After a class I always feel exhilarated and looking forward to my next lesson.



  • A well constructed workout, expert tuition from Carol, a please to attend the classes.



  • I have been going to Carols classes for over a year now and enjoy every minute. Carol makes it really interesting by introducing different exercises every week. She also explains which muscles are benefitting from the exercises, it is never boring. I would throughly recommend these classes irrespective of age.



  • Lovely class, good size, nice mix of ladies and plenty of support from Carol the group leader. Well organised, good variety of use of equipment (weights, bands etc).


    Whickham and Dunston

  • Carole’s classes are very enjoyable knowledgeable and professionally executed offered at all levels . She takes the time to make sure we r all in correct positions to avoid any unwanted injuries . Her classes are very informative and all ways exciting as the sessions are variable week after week . Carole uses equipment in her classes eg weights foam rollers stability balls yoga wheels bands etc so never a dull moment. She makes everyone feel welcome and not only are we mobilising our bodies building core strength and flexibility and endurance levels but we also have fun at the same time. I love her classes and have been attending for over 3 years now on a regular basis and have also made some great friendships along the way thank you. Philippa dunston and whickham classes



  • Heather Hexham
  • Gwen Hexham
  • Louise Hexham
  • Kay Dunston
  • Christine Dunston
  • Jen Hexham
  • Irene Dunston
  • Wendy Whickham and Dunston
  • Philippa dunston and whickham classes

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